Punchamukha Hanumanji Mandri


-His Holiness Swamiji Sri SelvamSiddhar

Celebrated In : It is celebrated during the month of Chaitra and is especially important to Brahmacharis, wrestlers and bodybuilders.

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Hanuman Ji, the monkey god widely venerated throughout India. It is celebrated during the month of Chaitra and is especially important to Brahmacharis, wrestlers and bodybuilders.

Hanuman was an ardent devotee of Rama, and is worshipped for his unflinching devotion to the god. From the early morning, devotees flock Hanuman temples to worship the monkey god. Hanuman Jayanti is an important festival. Hanuman is the symbol of strength and energy. Hanuman is said to be able to assume any form at will, wield rocks, move mountains, dart through the air, seize the clouds and rival Vishnu's bird, Garuda in swiftness off light. He is worshipped in folk tradition as a deity with magical powers and the ability to conquer evil spirits. The devotees will visit temples and apply tilak of sindhoor to their foreheads from the Hanumans body as this is considered to be good luck. According to the legend Sita was applying sindhoor to her head, Hanumans Ji questioned why and replied that this would ensure a long life for her husband. Hanuman then smeared his entire body with sindhoor, in an effort to ensure Roma’s immortality.


Observed on : The Full Moon Day.God Worshipped : Lord Narayana

No. of stories : Five stories connected with this Vrata

YOU ARE all familiar with Narada Rishi. He is the TrilokaSanchari-the one who moves about in the three worlds When he once visited the earth plane, there was great misery. He was unable to find a way to relieve human suffering. He at once approached Lord Narayana and related to Him the sad state of affairs on earth. Lord Narayana said to Narada, "O venerable Rishi, let people observe the SatyaNarayanaVrata in the evening of Shankranti or Purnima. Let them all hear the story (Katha) of SatyaNarayana. All miseries will come to an end. There is no doubt of this." Rishi Narada thereupon returned to earth and preached the glory of the SatyaNarayanaVrata. Many observed the vow without taking any food during the course of the day and attained what they desired. All were happy and prosperous.

The observance of the SatyaNarayanaVrata does not cost much. You need only give a small gift to the pundit who comes to read the story and then distribute some prasad which also need not be very costly. Some wheat flour and sugar will make up the prasad. A little curd and some fruit are required. Even the poorest man can observe this Vrata. In North India the vow is observed by the vast majority of people. It takes about three hours to complete the whole observance. It is generally observed on the full moon day, particularly the Kartik, Vaisakh, Sravan and ChaitraPurnimas and the Shankranti day. It an also be done on new moon days. Five stories are connected with this Vrata. They speak about the glory of Lord Narayana and His Grace, His prasad, and of the incalculable benefit derived by observing the Vrata. He who hears these stories with faith, devotion and one-pointedness of mind derives considerable benefit. The first of these is the story of Narada, narrated above. The other stories have great moral lessons in them concerning truthfulness, fulfillment of promises, etc.

2. The Story of a Poor Brahmin There was a very poor Brahmin. He was living on alms. Lord Narayana appeared before him in the form of an old Brahmin, asked him to observe the SatyaNarayanaVrata and gave him His word of assurance that he would be free from poverty, by observing this Vrata. The Brahmin acted accordingly. All his desires were fulfilled.

3. The Story of a Wood-cutter The game Brahmin then did the Vrata on a grand scale. A poor wood-cutter entered the compound of the Brahmin to drink some water. The Katha of SatyaNarayana was going on. The wood-cutter, attracted only by the skill of the story-teller, sat down and heard it with rapt attention. He also was inspired to observe the Vrata in his house. He took some prasad and ate it.

Then he went to the market-place and sold his bundle of fuel. He received double the usual amount for his fuel. He immediately purchased the things that were necessary for the Vrata and observed it along with his family member with intense faith and devotion. All his desires were fulfilled. He enjoyed everything that was possible on this earth plane. After death he attained the supreme abode of SatyaLoka where Truth alone prevails.


Air : Dreams of air represent freedom or escape from limitations. Clear air and blue sky denotes success and happiness.But if the air is misty,stormy,cold or hot, it is indication of unhappiness and troubles.

Animals : Dream of an animal shows a parallel mental and emotional state of the dreamer i.e. where dog represntsfaithfulness;fox shows a cunning state of mind. According to the situation going in life,interpretations can be made depending on animals character.

Automobiles : Dream of an automobile suggests that some hasty news will be sent to you. Owning a car tells that one may receive a gift. The dreams of different ways one travels in car suggests different thing in life as happiness when with children or scandal when with woman.

Baby : A baby in dream interprets new ideas. Usually baby indicates happiness but a baby taking first step may suggest difficulty in business or a helpless baby shows disappointment in love.

Being Beaten : Such a dream is a sign of discord in family. Seeing others being beaten predicts money loss.Seeinga animal being beaten have different interpretations for different animals.

Beating : Beating someone shows that you are not happy with the person whereas beating an animal suggests damage in one's own affairs. Beating of family members shows happiness and success in love. Different relatives can be interpreted differently.

Birds : Birds depict the exalted mental condition of the dreamer. Dreaming of dove or pigeon is a sign of peace and happiness and that one is involved in philosophical or spiritual activities or some creative venture.

Clothes : Clothes suggests how one wants to look in front of others. New clothes tell of prosperity, buying of clothes indicates success in love. But torn or soiled clothes foretell some deceitful action that may harm the dreamer;specially woman dreamer should be careful from his associates.

Earth : Dreaming of earth is indication of sorrows, humiliation, illness ;different states of earth being predicted differently. But dreaming of earth full of grains or oneself being worried brings prosperity and green pastures suggest good children.

Fire : Fire in dreams is a good sign if one does not see oneself being burnt. Setting of office on fire indicates advancement in business and house on fire tells good companions and faithful servants. Kindling of fire suggests many good surprises in store for you. But if you see no flames and only smoke, it is a sign of disappointment.

House : A new house with many rooms in dream foretell newer levels of learning ,leading to gradual enlightenment.A tall building suggests success, a small building failure, a big building change in present situation and a magnificent building suggests long life and travel.

Killing : There are different situations and different interpretation regarding killing. Killing defenseless-sorrow,in self defence-victory,someone attempts to kill you-long life, killing a friend-good health, a businessman-security,a bird-damage and so on.

Love : Loving someone indicates satisfaction, joy and good fortune. Being loved suggests success, but unwanted love shows heart trouble. Failure in love indicates just the opposite, loving animals is sign of fortune.But loving friend brings in bad news and loving relatives suggests financial loss.

Money : Generally profit and loss in dreams foretell just the opposite in real life; though there is contradiction on this point. Stealing money in a dream indicates sickness whereas spending money indicates failure due extravagance and one should be careful.

Naked : Seeing oneself naked indicates unwise involvement that may bring in public disgrace. Dreaming of oneself naked is sign of disappointments but married persons dreaming themselves naked foretells a wealthy future for them.

People : Seeing people shows your own personality or behavior these days. People in church or in black clothes show unhappiness but a crowd in street suggests business prosperity.

Sex : It foretells happiness, abundance and financial gains.

Snake : Appearance of snake in peaceful state denotes growth of wisdom. But other stateas of snake have different interpretations ; attacking position-treachery, biting-business may be injured, walking over them-sickness, killing a snake-victory in work but after difficulties, little snakes around-defame.

Tree : Seeing a tree in general denotes happiness, abundance and good news but a sapling tree indicates poverty,a dead tree foretells unhappiness, a tree with leaves turning yellow tells of sickness. Climbing a tree foretells elevation in life and work, taking fruits from the tree indicates inheritance from elderly people.

Water : Water dreams in general indicates abundance and joyful enjoyment. Muddy water tells sorrow and illness. Drawing water from a fountain suggests fortune through a beautiful young wife.Falling into water or walking into it foretells marriage with a wrong person. Different ways in which water is seen indicates many different things.

Numbers : It could be a number written on something or particular number of objects or you may visit a place particular number of times. As in numerology, if name appears in dreams it should be calculated to evaluate a number. The interpretations about numbers 1-9 are same as in numerology. Besides single digit numbers, karmic numbers (11,22,33...) also have the same effect as in numerology.

Colors : Clear and rich color indicates positive effects whereas dull or muddy colors are a sign of negative aspects. Different colors have been assigned different numbers that have interpretations same as in numerology. Red-1,orange-2,yellow-3,green-4,blue-5,indigo-6,violet-7,pink-8,bronze-9,silver-11,gold-22.Other colors stand for black-malice,white-purity and grey-conventionality.